Congregation Ahavath Yisrael

Serving Morristown for over 35 years.

Events and Learning

Friday night services begin 5 minutes after candle lighting 


Q: What is your story?
A: We are a traditional shul (synagogue) affiliated with the Orthodox Union.  Located in the historic Cutler Park section of Morristown, NJ.   Our synagogue has served the Jewish community for over 35 years. We are located minutes from the Hyatt Morristown and about a 10 minute walk from the Green. We offer an inviting atmosphere always open to new members regardless of observance level or background. Whether you are seeking deeper meaning to your Jewish Heritage or looking for a minyan, we offer a traditional Jewish experience year round. 

Q: What stream of Judaism are you affiliated with?  
A:  We are affiliated with the Orthodox Union (OU).   Our congregation is a mix of Lubavitch and non-Lubavitch.  As a synagogue we follow Nusach Ari (the Tehillat Hashem siddur), however many members use what they are comfortable with.

Q: Do I have to be observant to attend services? 
A: No. Everyone is welcome.    

Q: May I drive to services? 
A: Everybody grows at their own pace.  

Q: I don't read Hebrew, is that  a problem?
A: Most siddurim (prayer books) have English translation, but don't worry, we will help you if you feel lost.

Q: I am coming from out of town, do you arrange accommodations for guests?
A:  We offer a reduced rate at the Hyatt Regency in Morristown and will do our best to arrange meals if needed.

Q: Is there an eruv?
A: No.

Q: Are there hotels in town?
A: The Hyatt Morristown is the closest and best hotel to stay in; roughly a 10 minute walk along Speedwell avenue.  If you are attending our Congregation on Shabbos, we have a discounted rate (Fri & Sat nights) for you.  To get this rate, CONTACT US BY EMAIL. Please note that sometimes the Hyatt sells out and on some weeks the rate is higher. There is also the The Best Western hotel which is about 1.9 miles from us, and the The Westin Governor Morris hotel is about 2.1 miles from us. 

Q: Do you offer weekday minyanim?
A: We offer minyanim Friday afternoon, Shabbos through Sunday morning, and all Yomim Tovim, and fast days.  There are weekday minyanim at the Rabbinical College on 226 Sussex Ave, Morristown, NJ.

Q: Is there a mikvah?
A: There is a mikvah in walking distance

Q: What are your membership dues?
A:  Our dues are very affordable, and cover an entire family for a year: 

Q: How can I sponsor a kiddush?
A: Kiddush is open to sponsorship every week.  

Please contact us at to RSVP a kiddush in your name.
Sponsorship  can be paid through check or paypal:
Seuda Shlishit....$40   

Q: Do you collect old worn out siddurim and other Judaica (Shaimos)?

A: At this time we are not collecting such items. Please contact us if you have such items for disposal as there are halachic implications.

Q: Where can I find more information of Jewish related activity in the Morristown area?
A: Try the Jewish Federation 

Contact Us

Contact info:
9 Cutler Street
Morristown, NJ 07960